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2015 Furry Cruise May Update

So we are now part way through May and booking for the Furry Cruise is going well we are up to 13 people booked (list below). We are also only 2 months away from the closing of our current Group Rates we encourage everyone to book early to allow us to keep people grouped close together on the ship and provide the best available offers we can. At this time we have the current "choice" options below and 3rd and 4th person(s) get 50% off on their fair. these promo's are available on bookings through May 31st. looking for a roommate Post here:

Choice Program (Ocean View and higher chose 1. Suite or The Haven/Suite get all choices.)

Onboard credit offer:
Per stateroom in U.S. Dollars and will be applied to 1-2 guests on the reservation.
$25 OBC for Insides and Studios, $50 OBC for Ocean views, $75 Balconies, $100 Mini Suites, $200 for Suites, and $300 OBC for Havens per stateroom.

Specialty Dining Credit:
Applicable to guest 1-2 on the reservation.
2 nights at $50/per person/night

Shore Excursion Credit Offer:
$50 credit per port, per stateroom.
Does not include embarkation and debarkation ports.
Shore excursion credit can only be redeemed by calling 1-866-625-1167 or booking onboard.

Internet Package
250 minute internet package.
One login per stateroom.

This Year's Guests

Fizz Otter, Nightclaw, Scooby and Archai

Proto, Whitek and Tek Otter

Vitai Slade and Scotch

Keet and Hexon

Husher and Serv Otter

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