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keetcollie [userpic]
2015 Furry Cruise Group Rate LAST DAY
by keetcollie (keetcollie)
at July 13th, 2015 (01:44 pm)

Today Monday 7/13/15 is the last day for group rate reservations for the 2015 Furry Cruise if you wish to travel with us we do encourage you to book before 11:59p tonight .. (all confirmed bookings and booking requests received before that time will be qualified for the group rate). If for some reason you cannot book before our deadline we may still be able to accommodate you but all pricing and room availability will be determined at time of booking. if you have any questions please email furrycruise@comcast.net


Years guests

Fizz Otter, Nightclaw, Scooby and Archai

Proto, Whitek and Tek Otter

Vitai Slade and Scotch

Keet and Hexon

Husher and Serv Otter +2

Faux Pas and TiberiousWolf


Moto, Tawny

+2 Guests

For More Info

Webpage: http://furrycruise.com
Forum: http://furrycruise.com/forum/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/furrycruise
Email: furrycruise[at]comcast.net