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2015 Furry Cruise Update. Travel and Shore Excursions

At this time we have confirmed everyone's reservations for those who have booked so far I wish to thank you all and an quite excited to see you in a little less than 2 months time. if you know of anyone still looking to book with us this year it is possible but pricing and availability if determined at time of booking with full payment due.

Now that people are booked we can touch on some other important details. we request everyone go to and with your booking information provided to you create a account with Norwegian Cruise Lines this account will be your ticket to accessing all your important cruise documents, check in for your cruise (just like flying but we recommend checking in 1 week in advance of departure) as well as allowing you to book Shore Excursions and other onboard services in advance (people with shore excursion credits are required to call Norwegian Cruise Lines directly to book with their credit). we also ask everyone to review their information and all important NCL requirements for travel to make sure all is in order.

Now speaking of travel this year's Port of Departure is the Port of Miami with the address listed below. Please keep in mind all passengers must be on the ship 2 hours before we depart my personal recommendation would be to arrive no later than 1pm at the port for check in.

Norwegian Cruise Line

1509 N Cruise Blvd

Miami, FL 33132

For those flying and in need of transportation from the airport to the port NCL offers their own transfer services in addition to cabs and a multitude of available companies that offer similar services. if you wish to use NCL's service please email for more information.

Flight information shuttle/cab share post:

For those driving in I have made a post on the forum for ride share and to chat about parking and other details as I have never used parking in the area I cannot make recommendations. My personal suggestion would be to look on Google for "Port of Miami Parking" as there are many options below is just one of the results I found.

Driving carpool/ride share post:

One Parking option:

Some people may be arriving early into Florida/Miami below is a forum link for before/after cruise planning:

Shore Excursions what are they. These are ship sponsored cool things we can do on port days but are an extra charge. Each port offers a enjoyable day in any respects but for those who wish to organize people to go on these the fallowing post is for you. All available excursions are listed on under your account and cruise information

Shore Excursion post:

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at



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