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keetcollie [userpic]
2016 Furry Cruise March Update
by keetcollie (keetcollie)
at March 7th, 2016 (06:27 am)

Furry Cruise March Update

Hi everyone wanted to fill you in on the progress of the furry cruise so far and some new promotions this month. at this point we have 9 people signed up with reservations to that is awesome things are moving right along. We also have our current Guaranteed room rates at the fallowing prices.

Inside Cat: ID  at $886/person

Mid Ship Balcony Cat: BC at $1336/person

These rates are locked in and can be assigned room numbers to help keep the group all in the same general area on the ship. At this time I am also investigating getting a couple other category's added into the room block some cheaper in price but in different areas of the ship and possibly the "random room assignment" category much cheaper but a room number will not be assigned until one month from sailing. if you don't see the room type listed that you are interested in feel free to contact me at furrycruise@comcast.net and I will happily price out that room for you.

Current Promotions.

Every month Norwegian cruise lines announces a new set of promotions some continue on other change availability or charges or room category eligibility. Our March Promotions are listed below but To keep track of promotional updates please go to http://www.furrycruise.com/?q=Promotions these promotions can be added on to any qualifying room category.

Free at Sea (pick one) all room category's (exp. ongoing no set expiration)
chose one of the fallowing below

Unlimited booze/soda ($87/person)

4 Upscale Dining Meals ($14)

$50 Shore Excursion Credit/room

250 min internet package

Free at Sea (pick 2) Ocean View, Balcony and Mini Suite (exp. 3/15/16)
until march 15th ocean view and above pick 2 of the options listed above. After 3/15/16 the promotion appears to be balcony and above only

3rd and 4th person "free" (exp. this promo has no SET expiration date but is based on how full the ship is. so act early)
this promotion is a large reduction in what a 3rd or 4th person pays normally between $400-500/person with this promo 3rd and 4th person in the room pay taxes only of $132 each

for people interested in the furry cruise this year and want more information I very much welcome questions both here and at furrycruise@comcast.net .. you can also join out forum at http://www.furrycruise.com/forum/

Looking for a roommate post here  http://www.furrycruise.com/forum/index.php?topic=56.0

As always fallow the links below to keep up to date

Webpage: http://furrycruise.com

Forum: http://furrycruise.com/forum/

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrycruise/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/furrycruise/

Twitter: @furrycruise

Email: furrycruise@comcast.net

This Year's Guests (9 off to a good start)

Keet and Hexon

Fizz Otter, Nightclaw, Scooby and Freezeframe Fox


2 Guests